TEAM 1 Presentation Abstract

My team consists of three members, including myself, and we will be presenting about the technology advancement in the music industry. The technology used in the music industry is crucial when it comes to recording and capturing sound waves. For many years, the only way to properly record music was to use a tape recorder, which was a giant machine that used reels of tape to capture the audio coming through a microphone. With today’s technological advancements, recording music is much easier. All you have to do is buy an audio interface, connect a microphone into the interface, and then connect your interface into your computer… THAT’S IT! My group will be presenting on how easy it is for the local musician to record their own music for less than $500.

Preserving Your Phone’s Battery Life

In today’s day and age, cell phones are super popular and are on hand at all times. People with smart phones notice that their phone’s battery life tends to run out faster as the battery ages… all batteries do this, BUT are there ways to improve your smart phone’s battery life?

This article below shows how to improve the battery life for iPhone users:

And this article shows what you can do to prevent drainage for Android users:


All in all, your smart phone’s battery is going to become old and less effective, but there are many ways to make sure that the battery is in good, healthy conditions for even longer than its predicted life-span.

Finding the Top 10 in Billboard Using PYTHON!

In this exercise of Python, we were able to create our very own webpage, giving the Billboard’s Top 10 songs as of March 25, 2019. The program was able to create a separate link to a website which displayed my application as well as the statistics of the top 10 songs, which were programmed to be taken from the actual Billboard website and automatically updated whenever the list changed.

Working in Python!!!

I have been recently working in Python and there are a lot of different things that you can program as I have found out. In this screenshot, you can see that I was able to connect a website to help me find the IP Address of certain devices. When inputting Apple’s IP Address, we were able to find the location of where it is located, which is out in California. NEAT!!!

Who is Ben Mascioli?

Ben Mascioli is a musician from Philadelphia, PA, playing in many different local bands such as Fall In August (hard rock), Woodsview (pop punk), and rising nationally, INFINITY (thrash metal). Ben has played over 100 shows in the Tri-State area including venues like Voltage Lounge, World Café Live (Philadelphia), The Queen (Wilmington), and many more!

Currently, INFINITY is finishing up the recording of their second album, which will be released under Machine Man Records. INFINITY plans to get on the road and go on tour summer 2019 hitting many different east coast states, including MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, and MA.