Senior Design Teams

Senior Design Teams mentored (or co-mentored, denoted by *) by Dr. Bellas with the help of the lab!

2016-2017: The Little Chubby Chip

1st Place for Bioengineering, Grand Prize Winners in the College of Engineering

Miniaturizing organs-on-chips to be compatible with high-throughput testing

Team Members (left to right): Nasir Holliday, Charles Silva, Michael Struss, Casey Hobel

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The Little Chubby Chip takes 1st prize! 

The Little Chubby Chip Teamwork

2017-2018: Advance Chip Design for CNS-Modeling (ACDC) *

Development of a in vitro neurovascular unit using microfluidic technology to study the blood brain barrier. 

Team Members (left to right): Vanja Nikolic, Rogena Azer, Timothy Sullivan