BFL Visiting Summer Student Farewell!

Farewell to our visiting summer students, Alice, headed back to BME @ USC and Joey, headed back to BME@Brown. We enjoyed having you and keep in touch!

Dr. Bellas awarded NIH LRP Award!

Dr. Bellas has received a NIH Loan Repayment Programs award! This award allows researchers like Dr. Bellas, to have educational debt repaid by NIH Loan Repayment Programs to continue to conduct her fat-on-chip research.

On the right you can see the blood vessel network formed, on the left is a closeup of the fat cells (green) ‘hugging’ the blood vessels (yellow).

BellasFATLab at the BioEngineering Summer 2018 Symposium


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We were out in full force with 6 poster presentations for the Temple Bioengineering Summer Symposium! And a big congrats to Jen, who placed 2nd in the Undergrad Research Category!

BellasFATLab at Penn Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (IDOM)

Great day of presentations by big names in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism world for the annual IDOM Symposium. Even a history lesson on how insulin and leptin were discovered! Learn more about IDOM here.

Jen (top) and Golnaz (bottom) sharing their research at the Poster Session

We got the BFL-ers all in a row 🙂


Dr. Bellas Speaks at Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Annual Symposium

A great symposium and amazing group of people. Already looking forward to next year!

More on PCMD here…

Sharing our work!

#Scifie at dinner with the day’s speakers and organizers!

The Little Chubby Chip Highlighted for their Teamwork

The Little Chubby Chip, the Senior Design Team mentored by Dr. Bellas was featured in Temple U College of Engineering News!

"When you walk into the lab to meet the Senior Design team advised by Dr. Evangelia Bellas, the first thing you notice isn't test tubes or medical device components. 
It's laughter.
Hunched over a test chamber and looking through a glass partition, Mike Struss is patiently working through a phase of the project that seems to require deft hands. 
But he's steady. Even surrounded by his teammates, all poking good fun at his being under pressure, that is."

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Filming the team! Behind the scenes!

Mike explaining the process as the Nasir and Charles get their tissue culture on and Casey works the protocol.

BellasFATLab at the Adipose Tissue Niche Workshop

The BellasFATLab was excited to be a part of the NIH workshop on the Adipose Tissue Niche, to learn about all the great new work in the interdisciplinary world of fat conducted by biologists to plastic surgeons.

AT Niche Mtg