Welcome to the BellasFATLab!

We like to grow fat  … in the lab.

We study how adipocytes, the main cell type found in adipose tissue (fat), interact with their microenvironment to learn how fat functions under normal and disease conditions.

To achieve this, we employ different approaches:

  • Tissue engineered, in vitro models to examine how interactions with the extracellular matrix influence adipocyte behavior and conversely, how adipocytes remodel their microenvironment in response to various cues
  • Microfluidic, fat-on-chip systems to examine how the vasculature impacts adipose tissue function

We apply this understanding of adipose tissue to study:

  • Metabolic diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes
  • Soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction for filling of soft tissue defects caused by trauma, tumor resections or congenital defects