As a therapeutic recreation major at temple; I am a sophomore gaining more knowledge about this profession. The more I am learning and experiencing, I realize my passion to help those who are considered disabled, ill, or psychotic need assistance grows. Attaining this degree is one step towards the path of being an influential figure and touching many lives that will enable their performance to be fully independent. Examining my great grandmother (93 years old) reach her goals by a specialized therapist inspired me to work efficiently in class, so I can be a productive aspect to my great grandmother’s life as well. Recognizing the significance of this profession influenced my drive to pursue a career knowing everyday will not feel like a job but an actual lifestyle I happily adapted into my life.

Therapeutic recreation is a process that utilizes functional intervention, education and recreation participation to enable persons with physical, cognitive, emotional and or social limitations to acquire and maintain the skills, knowledge and behaviors that will allow the patients to enjoy their leisure. Expediting the skills in this profession, I will want to expand the methods I learned  to a healthy lifestyle on the pediatric or older population that are physically disabled and or psychologically ill. I want to be able to travel to low socioeconomic areas that are in demand of specialized therapist. I want to be bilingual in Spanish as well, so there will not be any borders harnessing me from helping other populations that cannot speak English.


In order to achieve my success in the profession I am currently volunteering under Pediatric Care with a CTRS. I am positioning myself to attain more volunteer hours with a CTRS and find an internship to be secure with my work. Though my experience and education, my skill level will only increase and my capability to work well and exceed in any environment I am placed in. I plan to specialize in geriatric and pediatric population and travel the world to attain more knowledge and apply my heightened skills everywhere.