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Video: ShaktiMa no Veh


ShaktiMa no Veh

Halvad Pavilion

Halvad Pavilion

Description of the battle of Khetaji and Godhji

Jhala – Makhwan Manguji clan’s lord Jambu ruler, Thakor  Ketaji and Sardhar’s Vaghela leader Godhaji battle description

Translation from  the bardic Gujarati text  ‘Bhavani Uttaran’

The sword blows began to fall.  From bodies heads began to be separated. The Rajputs being cut into pieces, mounds of corpses began to grow. Rajputs with real valor becoming valorous began to go to heaven. Apasaras began to wed the heroes, garlanding then with flowers. Rajputs crying Har Har give up their lives. Joganis red drink red blood from their skull cups. Bhairavs play the damaru drums of the ghouls. Dakanis and Shakanis  roam to eat the corpses. In this way for 3 days the battle raged. Maharana Shri Khetaji ‘s body with his head fought up to to the Kundika Gate. At the gate his body fell. Khetaji entire army died. Godhji’s entire force also perished.

Hag Demon by Bapa

Ethnography to picturing Culture and History

Dear Vijay,

Here is the final version of the Raj Amarsinhji and the Goat painting for you to copy.

My daughter and I think the best size for this is 14 x 10 inches.

Please note that I will send you the bhajan in Gujarati script shortly for you to kindly paint on the back of the painting.

Also on the back, I want you to write in Gujarati: “After the Battle of Gujarvadi, 1804”

Please acknowledge that you have received this email and the painting and kindly let me know the cost.

Please note, I will be coming to India on 30th of July and will be in India until around the 30th of August so you can send me any finished paintings to Dhrangadhara.

Trust you are well.


edited on September 30 2016