website-collage-2016_2Stress is associated with the onset and severity of a number of psychiatric illnesses, including mood and anxiety disorders. Although all of us experience stress, not everyone goes on to develop these disorders. The Neuroendocrinology and Behavior Laboratory (NBL) uses a variety of techniques from behavioral neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, and cellular and molecular biology to identify biological mechanisms that confer vulnerability or resilience to stress and stress-related psychiatric disorders.

Specific interests of our research include:

  • Stress effects on attention and other cognitive processes
  • Sex differences in stress-related receptors
  • Gonadal hormone modulation of stress response systems throughout the lifespan
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    Temple University Department of Psychology - 1701 N. 13th St. - Weiss Hall - Philadelphia, PA 19122
    Office: (215) 204-1015 - Lab: (215) 204-7908 - debra.bangasser@temple.edu

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    Prospective post-doctoral fellows should contact Dr. Bangasser directly.

  • NBL News

    Congratulations to DR. Kim Wiersielis on successfully defending her doctoral thesis and graduating

    •Congratulations to lab member Alexander Telenson for winning the Master’s Poster Prize at  Temple’s Neuroscience Research Day.

    Congratulations to lab member Sydney Famularo for taking 3rd prize in the Temple Neuroscience Research Day undergraduate poster competition.

    Congratulations to lab member Demetrius Lee, who received a Diamond Research Scholar Award to conduct research in the lab over the summer.

    Congratulations to lab member Arron Hall, who received a LAURA grant to conduct research in the lab during the spring semester.

    Congratulations to lab member Samantha Eck for earning spot on the NIDA grant through Temple’s Center for Substance Abuse Research.

    NBL research featured in piece on the importance of including female animals in neuroscience studies. http://liberalarts.temple.edu/about-us/newsroom/change-drug-testing-policy-may-lead-new-conclusions-temple-research-findse

    Dr. Bangasser’s article in Scientific American Mind on sex differences in stress responses features research from NBL members and other great colleagues. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/female-stress-a-faster-stronger-response

    A cover story in Science News featured research from our lab and others about sex differences in stress responses and their implications for understanding psychiatric disorders. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/his-stress-not-her-stress