Welcome To My Profile – Some of my Story

Swimming in lakes and biking on trails for miles quickly summarizes my childhood growing up in Minneapolis Minnesota, but not all my life have I been settled at one home. Less than a year after being born in Minneapolis my family moved to Ann Arbor Michigan so my father could get his masters in business. As soon as he graduated we moved back to Minneapolis and I started preschool. I played Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball while growing up, but living in such a large interesting city cycling caught my attention and me and my friends would bike 20 + miles a day around the city exploring and finding things to do. We turned this hobby into a full fledged operation called the mill city cyclomaniacs where we organized 50 + mile bike rides every sunday morning. The club over a ┬ácouple years grew so large we had ten jersey sponsors and over 200 concurrent riders including friends, families, and strangers in on the rides. After 12 years of living in Minneapolis my father’s work pulled us out to Salt Lake City. When I was forced to move I lost my interest in biking because Utah has no where fun to go to without a Jeep or a ski lift. This is when I started getting really into computers and started playing competitive video games, when I got a grasps on how computers worked I started building them and selling them to friends. Once I got tired of that I decided to shoot for my first job, applying to a 5 star vineyard restaurant was one of the best decisions I have made my entire life. Going into the interview I had low expectation of getting the job at this 22 acre canyon vineyard, but they decided to give me a chance which I took as a golden ticket. Over the three years I worked there I learned all about wine, fine dining, weddings, television, advertising, management. Providing me with experience ranging from making a crepe to helping film a Sister Wives wedding episode (it airs next season 2019). Another fun fact, the East High School I attended was the same school High School Music was filmed in, and yes the theater kids do re-create the lunch room song every year during spirit week at lunch. Since I have left for school my family has moved from Salt Lake City to St Louis Missouri, the constant moving in my life has helped shape my morals and create who I am.