The internet gets improved!

After reading an article called “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” and it talks about how the history of the computer and the internet. What stood out to me in the article is “Foolish tech prediction 5” because this is when the internet made a Process improvement. In the article the prediction said that the internet would crash and never make it to the would wide stage. In 1996 the internet went from being something that you can look up stuff on to being able to send an email around the world wide by 1999. During this time the Process improvement that Robert Metcalf  made was Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality allows the people to make website and applications to help searching better.


For more information about the development of the internet go to this  website.



How does bit help Digital world?

Why is the digital world organized into bits that can hold values of 0 and 1?
To understand digital world organized we must first get a understanding that digital world is made until bit from number 1 and 0. Bit are used in a binary system is the the encoding process is unique, standardized, and robust.

Why not in decimal?
The decimal system is a system that uses a 10 digit base program from 0-9 unlike binary. Just like we have a counting system website and computer use the same thing called a circuit system that is like an on and off switch.