Recently, the IEEE launched two groups to advance research, development, and standardization of Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC). The ISAC Emerging Technology Initiative (ETI) under the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) was established in May 2021, followed by the ISAC Technical Working Group (TWG) under the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) in June 2021. The ISAC ETI and ISAC TWG are working together to collaborate, including launching a joint IEEE ComSoc-SPS ISAC Webinar Series.

ISAC is a new technology that combines sensing and communication systems to improve resource efficiency and achieve mutual benefits. ISAC allows high-resolution target sensing and high data-rate communications to be performed simultaneously using the same spectrum, which improves spectral and energy efficiencies.

Dr. Zhang was a founding member of the ISAC ETI and an inaugural member of the ISAC TWG. He played an active role in establishing both groups.

Dr. Zhang made significant contributions to the field of ISAC, particularly in the spatial and temporal signaling methods and processing for dual-function radar-communications. His work laid the foundation for this emerging technology. His article, “Signaling strategies for dual-function radar-communications: An overview,” published in a 2016 issue of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, received the 2017 IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Harry Rowe Mimno Award for Excellence in Technical Communications.