Ms. Shuimei Zhang, who will be joining the Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) Lab in August 2016 as a Ph.D. student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Temple University, has been awarded the prestigious Temple University Presidential Fellowship that supports her studies during the Ph.D. program.

According to Temple University Graduate Office, the Presidential Fellowships are the most prestigious awards that support graduate students, and competition is reserved for only the most outstanding candidates. The fellowships cover stipend and full tuition for a time period of two years, whereas the department will support the other period of the recipients’ Ph.D. studies through research assistantship (RA) and/or teaching assistantship (TA).

Shumei has recently completed her Master’s degree at the College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan University, China. During her Master’s program, Shuimei has received the National Postgraduate Scholarship from the Ministry of Education of China and the Outstanding Postgraduate Student Award from the Hunan University.

Shuimei’s general research area lies in time-frequency analysis and digital signal processing with applications to source tracking, assisted living, and spectrum sharing.