Group Leader

Prof. Adrienn Ruzsinszky
Research Interests: Random Phase Approximation and its corrections, Green function methods (GW), Self-interaction correction with Fermi orbitals,
its time dependent version and applications to excitation problems such as charge transfer excitations, pp-RPA, ISTLS, materials applications


Postdoctoral Associates



Graduate students

Niraj Kumar Nepal
Research Interests: Implementing the NEO kernel in the GPAW code, Applications of the NEO kernel corrected RPA, Optical spectra with the NEO kernel, Plasmonic excitations, Computational exploration of density functionals on two-dimensional materials

Congratulations to Niraj for getting the Outstanding RA Award!

Santosh Adhikari
Research Interests: Effect of the FLOSIC self-interaction method on excited states of finite systems, applying new scaled-down SIC methods to calculate ionization energies

Bimal Neupane
Research Interests: Testing nonlocal kernels within the Random Phase Approximation on the formation energy of alloys and surface energies of metals

Shiqi Ruan
Research Interests: The NEO kernel and the generalized RPA+ method in the FHI-aims code

Santosh Neupane
Research Interests: TBD

Undergraduate students



Regular visitor

Prof. Gábor I. Csonka
Research Interests: Random Phase Approximation, hybridized RPA’s, and their applications in Chemistry

Group alumni

Dr. Liping Yu
Research Interest: Strain, bending in two-dimensional materials, substrate effects

Dr. Niladri Sengupta
Research Interests: Structural phase transitions in solids with nonlocal density functional theory

Dr. Jefferson (Jeb) Bates
Research Interests: Random Phase Approximation and its corrections

Charles Packard
Research Interests: Strain effects in Pd hydrides

Daniel Lapsley
Research Interests: Formation energy of Cu-Au intermetallic alloys with many-body techniques

Jonathon Sensenig
Research Interests: Application of the Renormalized Perturbative RPA to bulk solids

Jonathan Fernandes
Research Interests: Strain effects in layered materials

Karl Jiahao Li
Research Interests: Moire structures

Dr. Savio Laricchia
Research Interests: RPA, kernels

Dr. Hemanadhan Myneni
Research Interests: Time-dependent linear response DFT with meta-GGA-based kernels