Sketchbooks from the Tyler School of Art


On the evening of March 23rd, after a day of Lynda Barry inspiration, Tyler Foundation students were invited to Paley Library to share their artistic process with a show and tell of the sketchbooks they created in their 2D Foundation courses. The Sketchbook Project is a semester long structured assignment designed to document the students’ progression and problem solving throughout the course. Four students were asked to bring their sketchbooks and discuss their process in creating their sketchbook and the process’ influence on their work during the course. Several sketchbooks from Foundation 2009 semesters are on display on the ground level of Paley Library, Temple University. Continue reading

Playing with images with Lynda Barry


What is an image? was the question Lynda Barry posed to the audience last Tuesday morning during her talk at Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. Barry then proceeded to answer the question through her humorous graphic story telling and creative wisdom. Barry opened her talk by singing a biographical ditty to the tune of “Coalminer’s Daughter”–singing being her preferred method in relieving stage fright–which gave the audience a succinct image of the artist’s childhood. She immediately had her listeners captured and cozied in the palm of her hand. She was dynamic and real and accessibly truthful. Continue reading