IV Hydration Therapies Are Gaining Popularity

IV hydration therapies are instilled straight into the blood stream, giving your cells rapid access to the nutrients needed for immediate relief. Custom-made therapies can be made use of to aid with hydration, athletic performance, anti-aging, migraine headaches, weight loss, boost resistance, hangover relief, acute mountain sickness, and so a lot more. Trained doctors can produce the ideal IV therapy based upon your needs!

Fact: Only 8-10% of what you consume orally gets to the tissues that require it most. In order for nutrients to reach the cells and work efficiently, they should be absorbed. Throughout the digestive process, the body naturally breaks down nutrients and minerals that it might utilize, and as many as 90% are even disposed of totally by the liver. With IV therapy, you are getting 100% absorption with a direct infusion into the bloodstream, which can provide direct support and help stabilize the body at the core.

Aside from this, there are many individuals who experience vitamin shortages, or are not able to take in nutrients efficiently. Due to the fact that it can entirely bypass the absorption procedure, this is another scenario where infusion therapy may be a better option. Today, people reside in a hectic world where nutrition and correct balance isn’t constantly vital, so there are plenty who can take advantage of the nutrition balance of various IV treatments.

With IV Vitamin Therapy, your dietary balance and health will enhance significantly! Utilizing a specialized IV vitamin mix, called Myers Cocktail, IV specialists can produce a personalized vitamin infusion within 20 minutes to 1 hour. IV hydration treatment infusions will help you restore your efficiency, energy, cleanse your body and liver, also assist with recovery with a prescription formulation you can’t find in your local supplement store! This is the next generation of nutrition! Accelerate Your Health with an incredible tailored IV Therapy mixed drink!

A team of professionals is standing by to help you learn more about IV therapies like those discussed above. Contact us now to book your appointment for a private IV therapy in Scottsdale, AZ. You can also inquire about our off-hours IV hydration therapy and mobile IV services, which are available if booked ahead of time.

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