The Most Common Types of Resumes You Must Know

A professionally written, good quality resume is an integral part of your career. If you wish to make it flawless, you must know how to build it. Here are some of the popular types of resume formats that you can consider before making one. 

Chronological Resume

As the name suggests, a chronological resume offers a thorough insight into your career. Mostly the experienced profiles follow this format. If you have worked for plenty of organizations before, chronologically list them all, starting with your recent most employment. This brief history of your work experience must have the best of you on the top of it. 

If you go through the best resume examples, you will find all the achievements listed at the top of such resumes. Frame your CV accordingly to ensure that your employers get to read the best of you to cast an indelible impression. Also, recruiters mostly use your recent works as a yardstick for measuring your potential.  Therefore, put the first job in the end, and start with your latest achievements. 

Functional Resume

If you have gaps in your career, try to shift the attention of the recruiters from the same. If you would follow a chronological resume format, your gaps will be more prominent. Here comes the importance of a functional resume

It offers an insight into your project achievements in detail instead of offering a detailed account of the dates. Hence, the employers read about your work, projects, and achievements in the CV, which convince them about your eligibility and suitability for the job. A functional resume is one of the most popular choices aspirants opt for. 

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is the most valuable variety that most of the high-end job opportunities require. If you apply for a high-end job role, the employers will surely look for the best candidates. To outshine the others in the competition, and snatch the recruiter’s attention, craft your CV this way. 

It puts all the necessary and domain-relevant information on the top to make your employer realize your worth for the position.  You can frame this resume while maintaining any other form as well. Go through the resume examples to reveal that even the chronological CV can be a targeted one. 

Mini Resume

Even though mini resumes are never the most widely used option in the professional world, they can sometimes be of much use. If your employer needs just a synopsis of your experience, a mini resume is way competent than a detailed CV.  

A mini resume comes with highlighted sections containing significant information about your career, qualification, and personal details. The precision of this type of resume makes it popular when you need to arrest the employer’s attention.  Always keep a mini resume handy so that you can send it to any employer seeking candidates for a job. 

Plenty of resume builder services are available these days in the market. Much like your career, your CV also evolves. If you have little to no time to invest in your CV to upgrade it, choose an expert to do it for you. The industry experts offer competent and top quality services to lend your resume the best appearance and value. 

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