What You Need to Know About Depression

Feelings of sadness are common. Feeling like no one understands you when you are going through something is normal. But consistent, constant feelings of loss and disinterest in your normal everyday life can point to a larger problem.

It’s perfectly normal to be bummed out if you didn’t get that promotion. If a few of your friends made plans and you didn’t get invited, it’s okay to feel sad about it. No one is happy all of the time about everything. Though if these negative feelings are always with you and you are losing interest in your normal routine, then you could be showing signs of depression.

What is Depression

Simply, depression is a disorder where you can’t feel happy or interested in anything. You stop wanting to be around your friends. You don’t care about things that usually excite you. You feel sad about any kind of news. Depression doesn’t care how old you are, what age you are, or how much money you make. 

  • Insomnia or sleeping all of the time
  • Overeating or not eating at all
  • Difficulty concentrating on normal tasks
  • Avoiding normal family or friend social situations
  • Constant state of feeling like you are letting people down
  • Always feeling guilty
  • Feeling agitated or irritated all of the time

Depressed people look just like everyone else. They can even pretend to be happy and outgoing. People that suffer from depression can mask it well so others don’t know they have it.

Who is More at Risk

While anyone can develop depression, there are some groups of people that can be more at risk.

  • Women age 14-25 
  • People age 45-65
  • Black and Hispanic Americans
  • People in lower economic stability situations

Again, depression doesn’t stay away from you if you are a 35 year old male. These are a few groups that need to be more aware of their mental health.

What Can Cause Depression

Getting to the point of being depressed doesn’t happen overnight. Things will happen to you consistently, or major life events will happen that don’t go in your favor that can make you become depressed. 

If you take your mental health seriously all of the time, and not just when you didn’t get the job you wanted, then it will be easier to realize if you are becoming depressed. 

  • Death of a close family member or friend
  • Medications (either new or change in your medications)
  • Any abuse, whether it’s emotional, physical, or sexual
  • An illness that is long-lasting
  • Financial troubles
  • Family history

But remember, not only major life changes can cause depression. Repeatedly losing or missing out on things in your everyday life can make you feel sad enough to cause depression. Don’t negate the little things either.

Ways to Cope with Depression

Never be afraid to admit that you might be depressed. Not all cases are severe enough for medication and hospital visits. If you realize it quickly you can help yourself to get the care you need early enough before it gets that far. 

Even if your depression is severe, the earlier you get help, the better outcome you’ll have and the better quality of life you can live with help. 

Not All Depression is Equal

Your depression is not who you are. It is simply something that you have to treat. Taking care of yourself and your mental health, even when you are happy, is a great way to manage your stress, anxiety, and depression.

There are different levels of depression, and different severities. Know that no matter what type you have, there are treatments available in multiple forms to help you get through it and to manage it. If you ever have thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call a national hotline immediately. 

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