Pet Insurance: Keeping Your Critters Safe

With all of the insurance, you already pay for, like car insurance, home insurance, and everything in between, you might be thinking, “I need pet insurance too?” Well, the answer is yes, and there are a number of compelling reasons why. Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you might think, and might help you sleep a little better knowing that your favorite pets are safe in case something happens to them. There are plenty of common injuries, issues, and illnesses that pets across the world face on a daily basis, both small and large. Read on to see what can happen and how pet insurance can help!

Common Pet Ailments

Ingesting Strange Items

If you’re a dog owner, you know that they’ll eat absolutely anything they can get their mouths around. Dogs all over go into veterinarian’s offices every day after having eaten thumb tacks, pebbles, coins, and anything and everything you’ve left on the floor. Cats aren’t perfect either, and fall victim to the same thing, though to a lesser extent, often accidentally eating a toy or some yarn. In the event that this happens, and it more than likely will at one point in your pet’s life, you won’t be able to remove it yourself. Having pet insurance can make this a much simpler and less expensive process than it would be if you went to the vet’s office without it. 

Foreign object lodged in paw

For many dogs and cats, especially pets who spend a lot of time outdoors, the problem of things getting lodged in the paw can be an issue and a particularly painful one for your pet at that. In more rural and suburban communities, things like thorns, sticks, and splinters can get suck in your pet’s paw pad and cause pain. Meanwhile, in more urban communities, dangers consist of glass, plastic, and other man-made debris. Either way, a pet that spends time outdoors may unwittingly step on something that is harmful to its paws and requires medical attention. 

Eye trauma

It is exceptionally common for cats and dogs to sustain some kind of injury or trauma in their eye. This can come from anything from an itch that they scratch, to stepping on a stick that hits their eye, or any other potential injury or harm to this particularly sensitive area of your pet’s body. If your dog or cat is constantly blinking and tearing up, or if they try to move away when you come close to their eye to inspect it, it could be the result of an eye injury or eye trauma, and it is probably time for a trip to the vet. 

Broken Nail

If your pet’s nails grow quickly, or your pet is particularly averse to having its nails trimmed, they are more likely to cause an injury as they grow longer. This can happen in a number of ways, such as the long nail getting stuck on something the pet is scratching and breaking, or the nail digging into your pet’s skin and causing some bleeding. Either way, this is very painful to your pet and can make a big mess as your pet tracks blood all over the house. 


So obviously there’s a lot of ways that your pet can get hurt! This is an unavoidable part of being a pet owner, and any responsible pet owner needs to handle it properly, by taking their pet to the vet. This can be expensive, however, so a good pet insurance policy such as pumpkin insurance can help you cover those costs while keeping your pets safe, and helping you sleep well knowing they’re in good hands! 

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