Is There Healthy Soda?

When you drink soda and other sugary beverages you could potentially run the risk of having health issues like heart disease and diabetes type 2. Considering it is hard to quit drinking soda after years of abusing the beverage, you should know that it is possible to switch over to healthier options without having to forfeit a delicious soda. Below are healthy soda options that will do more good than harm if you drink them in moderation. 

Considering the fact that the American Heart Association has stated that even drinking one soda a day could run your risk of heart disease finding those healthy alternatives are a crucial element to living a longer and healthier life free to enjoy the world around you. 

One alternative soda drinkers have been gravitating to instead of buying the real thing is soda makers at home. These devices will carbonate water for you and you can just add your own syrup. Instead of going with something entirely sugary, you could cut the calories down by going a natural simple syrup at the supermarket. 

While it has never been easier to make your own sodas, that is not always the route people should take especially if they have health-related issues. People that need sugar-free or low sugar soda instead of the real thing should look into specific brands of healthy sodas there are available right now. 

Zevia zero calorie soda is one example of a soda alternative that not only tastes great but is completely healthy. Instead of using real sugar, these sodas are sweetened with stevia and don’t have the harmful acids that could destroy teeth. Instead, Zevia uses citric acid which is a healthy ingredient that can be found in many different fruits and won’t cause any harm to the body. 

If you are someone that loves root beer, you are in luck. There is a healthy solution to drinking copious amounts of real root beer. Virgil’s Zero Sugar root beer uses all-natural ingredients in its soda. By blending 15 roots and spices into the soda, drinkers will enjoy a naturally sweetened beverage free of artificial ingredients. Instead of using real sugar, this beverage is sweetened with a blend of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit. 

When people are sick sometimes it is suggested to drink ginger ale to soothe the stomach. Unfortunately, most ginger ales consist of a lot of sugar. However these days health food manufacturers realize that people will not stop drinking ginger ale and have created sugar-free options.  One of those options is Reed’s Zero Sugar Gingerale. This beverage uses real ginger juice (which is commonly unheard of) to flavor their soda. This beverage is also a certified keto drink so those on the keto diet can rejoice because there is a soda that you can actually drink. 

You probably have noticed Bubbly soda at your grocery store. These seltzer waters not only taste great but completely satisfy that need for a soda because the flavor is so strong. The Cherry Bubbly is the perfect replacement for those that love drinks like cherry soda or cherry flavored cola. While many of the healthy beverages on this list are on the pricey side, luckily Bubbly is pretty cheap and won’t break the bank. You won’t necessarily have to budget to satisfy your soda cravings. 

Considering people have been enjoying soda for a century, it is always going to be around. Although it does have some addictive properties, you can find those options that are healthy substitutes. If you are watching your weight or your sugar intake, it is crucial that you stay away from the real thing and settle for healthy soda substitutes like the ones mentioned above. 

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