8 Things You Need to Carry in Your Purse in The Winter

You switch out your wardrobe from summer to winter. You winterize your car. You need to make sure you take your purse from summer ready to winter protected. 

Whether you have a giant mom bag or a more sensible one, there are certain things you should always have in your purse. In the summer you like to carry certain things to protect you from the sun. In the winter your skin and body need a different kind of protection.

Basic Staples

There are things you probably want to carry all year long. But even those items have a winter counterpart that you’d need in the colder months.

  • Face lotion
  • Hand/body lotion
  • Chapstick
  • Phone charger

These items you usually have on you at all times. But for the winter you want some with extra moisturizers. Extra nourishment. Those cheapy dollar store chapsticks won’t stand up to the winder’s cold temperatures. 

In the summer you might have a face lotion that has a higher SPF. In the winter you still want a face lotion that has SPF, but you don’t need one as high. You also might want to find one that has extra moisturizers. You don’t want to walk around with your nose peeling off.

You also want to find a chapstick that give you extra protection. There are plenty of chapsticks and lip balms specifically for protecting your lips against wind burn, dryness, and the colder elements. You don’t want to have gross, peeling, rough lips. Looking like a zombie isn’t that cute.

Your body lotion also needs to give you extra nourishing. There are plenty of your favorite brands that make a thicker formula for the winter time. Plus, pretty much every brand makes a travel size version so that you can drop in your purse. 

As far as a battery charger, you always need one. There are portable ones that don’t need to be plugged in so you can take them anywhere. You never want to have a dead phone, but especially in winter. If you were to break down it would be horrible if you didn’t have your phone. 

Things That Are Just for Winter

Then there are some things that you might only have in your purse during the winter. 

  • Dryer sheets
  • Gloves
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer

Women hate winter because of what it does to their hair. Static sucks enough. In the winter it is constant, and it is annoying. Nothing worse than walking by a mirror and seeing your hair standing up on end everywhere. Running a dryer sheet over your hair can calm down the frizz and static cling.

Should be a no brainer, but somehow I never have a pair of gloves when I need them. I thought keeping a pair in the glove compartment would be enough. Putting a pair in your purse is smarter. Then you’ll have them on the walk to your car.

Tissues. So many tissues. I find that those little travel packs don’t really last me very long. I usually keep a few in my purse. But I do terribly in winter. One at a time might be enough for you. But always have a pack in your purse. Sneezes happen all of the time, at any time, during winter.

Hand sanitizer. Always. Now, I keep it in my purse all year. But if you don’t, please have it during the winter time. Everyone is coughing. Everyone is sneezing. It’s all gross. Just have it in your purse. If you don’t like the liquid there some fun sanitizer spray options.

So, make a list, hit up your local store, get travel size of everything, and have it with you. And be nice and share if someone else needs something. Be nice and stay warm!

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