5 Advantages to Buying Vinyl

Vinyl records were all the rage throughout the early 1900s, but then they eventually were replaced by cassettes, CDs, and then MP3s. But lately, vinyl records have been making a comeback over the past few years. Is it nostalgia? Or is there a more substantial reason for this unexpected return of an old medium? Believe it or not, there are actual advantages to buying vinyl as opposed to buying a CD or downloading an album of MP3s.  

Superior sound quality 

It may sound strange, but often music will lose some of its quality from being converted into other formats after it has been recorded. The difference will be subtle, but the sound and clarity of the music are depreciated when it is burnt onto a CD or converted into a digital format like MP3 or MP4.  This is due to the audio being compressed when it is converted from the original format. 

However, music on a vinyl record is uncompressed and retains its original quality. All you need is a good set of speakers plugged into your vinyl player and you will be able to hear and appreciate the music exactly as it was originally intended. 

Pay attention!

Unlike streaming music or putting your favorite MP3 player on shuffle, playing a vinyl requires more of your attention. Since music is recorded on both sides of a vinyl record, you will have to flip the record to the other side eventually if you intend to listen to the entire album.  In a sense, this then requires you to pay more attention to the music and enjoy it as more than just background noise.

Built to last

Excluding digital formats, as those can theoretically last forever, vinyl is a physical format that can sound just as good as the day it was first bought. It may require a little maintenance, but it vinyl records can work several decades after they were recorded. So if you happen to find a box of vinyl records from over thirty years ago, there is a good chance that they will still work and sound amazing.

The same cannot be said for your old cassette collection, which likely does not sound anywhere near as good as it once did.

A work of art

While CDs are very limited with how creative you can get with the art on the front, vinyl records give musicians and producers significantly more freedom. Though it is common, a record does not have to be a plain black vinyl disc.  It is possible to have different colors and you can have patterns and images etched onto the vinyl record. This results in a much more colorful and aesthetically pleasing format for your music.

As a result, music artists will often release special collector’s editions of their albums on vinyl so that the music will sound better and be displayed with a beautiful presentation.

An impressive collection

While owning a bunch of CDs can certainly be impressive. There is nothing more amazing than seeing a large collection of vinyl records spanning several decades. There is often a sense of nostalgia from the worn edges and faded colors of the album cover. It is a quality that plastic CD jewel cases simply cannot replicate.

The beauty is in the retro details

As discussed above, these five advantages are part of what enhances the experience of buying vinyl. It is a combination of beautiful artwork and often superior quality. It is the eye-catching details and nostalgic quality of a vinyl that will draw the attention of your friends and your family when you are playing a vinyl album instead of streaming music.

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