The Future of Social Media Platforms and Ways in Which Businesses Can Utilize Them

Social media has been established as part of society for years now. Hootsuite claims that approximately 42% of the world has a social media account. However, the internet can sometimes be so cluttered and competitive. As more and more businesses switch to this platform, a lot of noise and security issues pop up here and there. Businesses should be aware that customers now are sometimes wary of too much commercialism in social media. Data is being sold from business to business, and there can sometimes be a lack of empathy nowadays.

Social media is all about the experience. When reaching out to customers, the idea is to capture interest, retain eyes, and convert customers. That is why a lot of clicks have been monetized because there are just so many flicks and clicks to take advantage of. There is a huge business opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs via Instagram for example, so people and businesses have started buying Instagram likes and views to increase their popularity on this platform. 

As groups and communities emerge, social media has been doing its best to compensate for the need for relationships. Forums and social networks have been promoting users to be open and honest. They have established platforms that help small groups and sectors to voice out their opinion and be themselves. While this is an advantage for the customers, businesses, and marketers alike benefit from this as insights are established and uncatered niches are discovered. 

Analytics has also been easier translated with social media. Everything gets recorded from likes, views, engagement, commonly used terms, keywords, etc. Building an effective social media strategy means going for a targeted segment as it enables a quick segmentation and compartmentalization of data and user profiles, interests, and history.

How can businesses utilize social media?

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

When you’re a new player in the market, it’s imperative that you set-up a social media account for your brand. With nearly everybody on the planet browsing through the social media marketplace, newsfeeds and stories, you know you just have to be there. It’s a natural way to reach people. 60% of Instagram users claim that they can discover a lot of brands, sellers, and endorsers through this platform.

What’s even great with this platform is the ability to utilize different mediums of data. When you’re about to educate or inform your target market, you can roll it out through colorful infographics, images, witty content, emotional stories, and many more. Blogging, and vlogging have been major drivers of businesses and influencers to improve brand awareness. It’s all about sharing information. Cross-posting, blog sharing, co-writing, you name it. Marketing strategies now enable collaboration. It’s all about the numbers. The more people see you, the more they remember your brand. And, while bloggers and influencers write about you, the more credible you become in their eyes.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

What businesses usually do when starting up is creating a website of their own. Pick a domain, get an untaken website name, and register. Pretty simple. However, more often than not, they find it difficult to start traffic. What’s the use of a website when nobody visits the page, right?

There are many ways for businesses to improve their website traffic through social media:

  • Follow your customers – Build your community. Look for your customers and hit that request friend button.
  • Make sure you provide complete details about your brand – People sometimes take this for granted thinking that customers would only want to see their feeds and posts. To establish your credibility as a brand, make sure you fill in the basics: name, information, contact details, website address, store hours, and many more. The backlinks also encourage referral traffic, and it can only be possible if you indicate relevant information about your business.
  • Engage – When you have people in your community, be active. Post and encourage them to share. Conduct promos, giveaways, and talk to your audience. Encourage them to visit your website, and don’t forget to add the necessary links. Find out the peak hours of page activity so you can maximize website posting.
  1. Generate leads and boost sales

A lot of consumers now have established their confidence in purchasing online. Social media has embedded features for selling as well. Payment is convenient and secured, and customer service is very quick. Make use of those hashtags, and invest in your keywords. Typically, when consumers start to relate to your brand and as you can get their trust, sales conversion can be pretty quick through that Add To Cart button. Make sure you have those banners, pop-ups, and newsletters to continue generating leads and expanding your reach. 

  1. Promotion of content and virality

A great pricing point has been established by social media ads. Compared with mainstream media, small and medium-sized businesses, and even individuals can purchase ad slots. However, social media ads can also be tricky. For one to get the maximum potential of their ad cost, the target market should be narrowed down to a niche. Social media gathers so much information that you can use to reach your consumers. Understand this information to get to them. Curate your posts and ensure that you know the right tone to use to capture their interest and retain their attention. 

Virality happens when you’re able to get enough organic shares and exposure to your content. This is a very powerful marketing tool. Make sure you’re present on platforms where your consumers are. Create content that strikes a chord, touches the heart, and piques their interest. 


Social media has successfully embedded itself among us. It’s an amazing tool businesses and individuals use to reach their customers. However, it’s important to know that there are strategies and plans to launch an effective social media campaign. We ultimately strive to make that sale and grow that brand. But for users to click that tab, read that post, or share that story they need to see that value. Create something useful while being entertaining. With almost 3 billion users, social media can truly make a huge difference for any business. 

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