How Does An SMTP Host Work?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and this server is a computer that is used to send emails. It is especially used for marketing purposes when you want to send bulk emails to your clients. Because nowadays email marketing has become a very important and popular part of many businesses.

SMTP plays a very important role, like you have an email client or an app which is called a mail user agent that is attached to the SMTP server of your domain which is connected via a simple mail transfer protocol port. SMTP starts it’s session when connected. After that client enters both receiver’s and sender’s email address with all the information and attachments to the server.

DuoCircle SMTP host will be a best option for you. Simple mail transfer protocol checks all the necessary information like the domain name of the receiver and the sender is the same or not. If it is the same, then email goes to the receiver’s IMAP server. If it’s not the same then SMTP server has to disseminate with the Domain Name Server and then DNS gives the receiver’s IP address. The sender SMTP server connects to the receiver’s SMTP server, if the receiver’s server is busy or not available the  email will be put into the queue. At this point, emails are saved before going to its final destination. At the end, the receiver’s SMTP server confirms the incoming email. If all the information like domain name and user is matched then the server sends the email to the IMAP server.

SMTP server has a web address like other websites for example smtp. or with domain name but if you are using a local server then your IP address is different from a normal web address like

SMTP gives a combination of codes which only servers can understand very easily. It is the way in which the email message divided into different parts in shape of codes which other server can easily understand. When you send your message it divided into strings of text in the shape of code words. Email server software is especially made for the understanding of the codes. The message passes through multiple computers before reaching its destination.

As you know it’s called simple mail transfer protocol, so it means it can only transfer text not graphics, fonts or any kind of attachments.

Normally, Internet service providers have a limit to send emails in a specific period by using one connection. But those people want to send multiple emails at once for their email marketing, they can’t be able to do this. If they hit the limit ISP stops sending emails. If their system thinks that you’re a spammer they may be banned from your account immediately. But by using duoCircle SMTP host you will not face any kind of problems and limitations. Because it reactivates your primary mail server and starts re-syncs all queued email.

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