Is the post office another branch of the Democrat party?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is at the frontline of the postal service throughout the United States as well as postal services that are handled from the United States around the globe. There is a lot to be said about the fact that the postal service has been immensely effective for a long time however there is much to be said about the fact that this is very much a system that is in many ways fractured, if not broken. 

USPS has been very much a key industry in the function and foundational axis of the United States for quite some time. Today, USPS faces more criticism and controversy than it has in decades past. As criticism and controversy comes with the distinct realisation that this is a key industry that while it is of course a necessity it also has been privy to the Essence of unreliability and distrust among individuals who have utilised the service for many years.

A history of unreliability

The post office has been distinctively created to be the operational axis between individuals who want to send post and those that want to receive it through the USPS system. And over the years, the post office has been an instrumental part of USPS in the services that it gives to the nation. There is a distinct and unwavering history of unreliability within USPS and the post office that has put a sour taste in the mouth of individuals who need to use the system but do not necessarily trust it at all. This is a distinct and worrying gap.

The complete shift in response to Democrat voting

There is also an extreme gap in the way that the post office handles general post and the way that handles political representation through postal voting and the like. The post office is very much known for its unreliability and so it is very interesting to take a step back and look at the fact that while it has been known to be careless and lazy when it handles the mailing of general post, it is entirely the opposite for specific movements and agendas, including those of a political nature. So, is the post office essentially another branch of the Democrat party

The bottom line 

All in all, whether it is ballot harvesting or trashing by partisan postal workers all the general handling of democratic votes throughout the postal system karma the simple fact is that there is a widespread belief that government employees, including post office employees, prefer Democrats over republicans because they benefit economically when they given more allocated government spending. So, in some ways, the post office is another branch of the Democrat party even if it is not defined as such through legal distinctions. This is a fact and this is the way that it has been for quite some time and until the Republican party chooses to even the playing field by allowing for more government spending towards the post office, it is likely to remain the case.

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