Office Corporate school supplies

Office Corporate brings you a range of superior lanyards with an edge. Our premium selection makes the perfect corporate gift, teacher’s accessory, or everyday ID and key card holder. Stock up on hard-wearing and dependable choices from Office Corporate for the ultimate everyday companion.

Premium lanyards: The simple solution to a range of problems

There is still nothing as effective as a lanyard for solving the problems that plague us all daily. Lost keys? Misplaced cards? Avoid the frustration of grappling around for your out-of-place essentials. Purchase this in-demand item to keep your cards, keys, and access discs safe and secure.

Are you a teacher with your hands full? We know you have quite enough to worry about without the need to deal with lost items. Purchase one of or teacher lanyards in a choice of sizes and a variety of eye-catching coloursfor the hands-free solution to holdings bunches of keys, ID cards or access passes. You’ll never have to reach too far to locate your frequently-needed items. Convenience personified!

These products are also ideal for anyone who needs to carry around a lot of keys throughout the day. For when keyrings just don’t cut it, invest in a lanyard from Office Corporate to keep lose keys secure.

Our range of ID card holders also makes the ideal promotional item or corporate desk drops. With Office Corporate, purchase easily-customised, bulk products and brand them with your company or event branding. Whether you use them as practical gifts for employees, or promotional items at conferences, expos, or big events, these simple items create amazing exposure for your brand.

Teacher lanyards for the ultimate convenience

Busy teachers all over Australia love our selection of quality teacher lanyards for the convenience that it adds to their everyday life.

What’s more, the following reasons make our options the go-to choice for companies and individuals all over the country:

  • The ultimate durability: Our choices are built to last and are constructed out of premium textiles for better performance. We bring you durable cord-style options, tubular woven polyester choices, and reliable flat-style options. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of options that won’t fray under pressure and can be put through their paces, day after day.
  • Amazing adjustability: Our adjustable choices allow you to adjust your lanyard to any length. Whether you carry it around your neck, in your hand, or on your wrist, the power is in your hands with our choices with easy adjustability and incredible versatility.
  • Safety solutions: We stock products that help you avoid injury with built-in safety locks that release if the cordis caught on an object. This ensures that you don’t have to compromise on safety for convenience.
  • A better hold: With superior alligator clip, D clip, and swivel clip options, you can choose exactly the hold to suit your needs. However, no matter the clip, our choices ensure that ID cards, press passes, keys, or access tags are fastened securely to the cord. Your everyday essentials aren’t going anywhere in a hurry!

Desk drops for employees: Improve mood and boost morale in the Office by gifting employees with a stylish, branded solution to holding their ID cards. Alternatively, create an appropriate corporate gift by attaching a small bottle of sanitiser to the cord. This couldn’t be more useful in today’s world.

 Office Corporate: The home of premium office stationery solutions, online

Office Corporate brings you a wide range of quality office stationery, office furniture, and craft supplies, online, allowing you access to the best products at the most affordable prices right from the comfort of your own home. Purchasing all range of office supplies with Office Corporate can benefit you with the 10% back in rewards points.

Our easy-to-use website has been developed with your online shopping experience in mind, and with a voice-activated search function, and a simple checkout process, you’ll find what you need and checkout in no time. We’ll also dispatch your purchase to you anywhere in Australia, ensuring that you can get your stationery fix in any location.

Check out our fantastic business rewards and discounts on bulk purchases to reap all the Office Corporate rewards. We can’t wait to bring your teacher lanyard directly to your door.  

Fantastic branding opportunities with ID card holders

Not only does Office Corporate’s product offering of ID card holders keep your ID cards, access passes, and keys safe and sound, they also present companies with an opportunity to get their brands out there.

Here are the amazing opportunities that our product offering affords your brand:

Customised solutions for your next conference, expo, or event: Our products can be customised with your own company or event branding for a personal touch that leaves a long-lasting impression. Using products such as this one as a promotional item ensures that your clientele, visitors, staff, or attendees have something that they can take home with them.

A practical advertisement for your brand: A promotional item with simple everyday uses in both personal and professional settings is significantly more effective than an impractical promotional gift. A lanyard among other Office Corporate school supplies will act as a portable advert for your company or event as your attendees make use of it every day. Your branded items and the exposure that it creates will travel around to places you hadn’t even thought of.

Not only does Office Corporate bring you this range sourced from brands that deliver quality excellence, but we also bring you incredible discounts of bulk purchases of teacher supplies & resources ensuring you can stock up on all the ID card holders you need. Save while you spend with us.

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