Hold on to the Best Members of Your Team by Implementing Employee Satisfaction Survey Software

There is nothing more disheartening than having an exceptional employee put in their two-weeks’ notice. Why are they leaving? The reason, of course, varies from one employee to the next. Perhaps they feel undervalued or overworked. Maybe a different company better aligns with their values, talents and work style. Maybe they are simply dissatisfied in their current position and seek change. 

Conversations like this happen frequently in companies across all industries; for many employers, they come entirely by surprise. Had the employer known of the employee’s dissatisfaction with the working environment, they could have worked toward addressing these issues.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Employee satisfaction survey software have become common practice in thousands of businesses. They are a simple way for companies to check in with their employees to see how they feel about their position and the company overall. They also give employees a platform to speak their mind, which fosters a sense of trust and belonging. 

How does employee satisfaction survey software work?

Although every software operates slightly differently depending on the needs of the company, surveys are generally generated and sent out to the employee base once per year, on average. These surveys ask questions pertaining to the employees’ relationships with their coworkers, their level of fulfillment with the work they do, their respect towards and from their superiors and general well-being in the office space. 

Responses to these questions can be used to gauge how an employee’s satisfaction at work affects performance. The data can often lead to implementing changes that directly tackle employees’ most pressing concerns and complaints, which boost their efficiency and overall value to the company.

Surveys Give Employees a Sense of Agency

Studies have shown that giving employees a chance to submit feedback to their workplace promotes a feeling of control over their work environment. Having the opportunity to speak freely about likes and dislikes and potential improvements in the office leaves employees feeling more like collaborators in running the business and less like voiceless followers who must simply go with the flow or face being reprimanded. 

Surveys Provide Vital Feedback to Company Management

As attuned as many upper level managers may be to the needs of their employees, the fact remains that it is impossible to know what it is like to exist on a certain level of the company without being there yourself. Employment satisfaction surveys are rife with valuable insight into how a company operates that, for better or worse, is extremely valuable to a business. 

Surveys Promote Mutual Trust 

Allowing employees to speak about how they truly feel about their work and the company as a whole is imperative to establishing a culture of trust in a workplace. Employees tend to do their best work when they feel safe and valued, and there is no better way to ensure safety than by intentionally creating safe spaces for employees to discuss the processes of the company in a candid manner. 

Employee satisfaction survey software has proven invaluable to many businesses, and continues to keep many star employees employed happier for longer. No one single person, not even the most brilliant CEO, knows everything there is to know about a given business. Business is a team sport, and employment satisfaction survey software can help a company play to win the game every time. 

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