Logical method in Law Coursework

All things and phenomena of nature and society have their own history, that is, the origin arises, there is a process of development and destruction. Historical development process expresses its full concreteness, with all changes, winding steps, random things, inevitable, complex, varied, in other circumstances. each other and in a certain chronological order.

The historical method requires clarifying the specific development of the object, having to grasp the specific movement in its entire richness, to follow things, follow the winding steps, the accidents. course of history, discovered the historical rope of the whole development. From the history we will discover the development law of the object. That is to find out the logic of history, that is the purpose of all activities of scientific research.

If the historical method is to reproduce the whole process of history, the logical method studies historical development, studies historical phenomena in general form, in order to draw out the normative nature laws, general tendencies in their movement.

Hence the logical method has the following characteristics as Law Coursework Writing Service.

The logical method aims to deeply understand the nature, the universal, the repetition of phenomena. To do so, it must go into many phenomena, analyze, compare, synthesize … to find out the nature of the phenomenon.

If the historical method goes deeply into the winding steps, a temporary setback of history, then the logical method can ignore those steps, but only embrace its inevitable development. taking its developing backbone, that is, embracing its laws. As Anghen said logic is not a mere reflection of history, but a reflection that has been molded but shaped according to the rules that the historical process itself offers.

Unlike the historical method, which is to grasp each specific event, embrace space, time, name of person, name of land … specifically, the logical method only needs to grasp deeply the characters, events, typical stage and mastering certain categories of laws.

For example, while writing Capitalism, Marx could immediately enter the highest typical stage of development in history at that time, the capitalist society. When it is discovered that the basic law of capitalism is the law of value surplus, that is to grasp deeply the typical stages, then it is easy to find the development rules of the society before capitalism, which does not necessarily go from the early stages of human social history.

The above is a reference article that provides you with necessary information about scientific research methods and scientific research methodology. Hopefully the following article can help you know more useful information.

The graduation thesis outline shows the research process, and is also the layout of the thesis, including chapters, sections that logically reflect the objectives, subjects and scope of the study from start to finish. Through the outline, you will show the main ideas of the thesis, as well as show the viewer what steps your research process includes. There are still many students who do not understand what is the graduation thesis outline as well as how to write a standard thesis outline. Law Coursework Writing Service will help you to solve this problem through the following simple guidelines. Surely you will complete a dissertation outline in the fastest and most complete way.

Therefore, the graduation thesis outline will help readers, especially instructors, partly evaluate the value and understand the direction of the thesis. Before you write a thesis outline, you need to choose a research topic for yourself. Only when you have the topic, can you figure out what steps you need to do to learn the topic, and write those steps in the research outline.

The topic of the graduation thesis outline is urgent, that is, the topic must be interesting, reasonable and very necessary to be studied to find a solution. However, the topic must match your ability. If the topic is good but beyond the ability to study, it will give inaccurate results, as well as have no meaning for science and practice, leading to the dissertation has no value. For a scientific dissertation, the graduation thesis outline, in addition to the introduction and conclusion, usually consists of 4 chapters. Chapters and sub-sections in chapters must be named interrelated.

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