Can a dash cam be used as evidence in a car accident case?

The answer is yes. The videos recorded by a dashcam can be used as evidence in investigating a car accident case. Keep in mind that the videos recorded can be used to benefit the owner of the dashcam and can also be used against them.

With the help of technology, solving car accidents are easier now compared to the cases before. Technology plays a big part in helping capture unprecedented incidents like car accidents. Having dash cams onboard is a great way to provide evidence on the occasion that you meet an accident. 

Dashcam prices are considered affordable now. You can purchase one for as little as $50 to $200. With that small amount, you can record the highway or your rearview. Most of the dash cams sold today also can record audio and video from multiple angles. 

Installing dash cams allow you to capture moments that you have missed. The camera can capture details you may not remember about the incident. The recorded video may contain proof of your innocence, which can help free you from the accusation. On the other hand, it can also implicate you in the crime. 

Insurance companies have been accepting pictures taken from cell phones. They are also receiving videos from dash cams to help you collect an insurance settlement when proven that the other party is at fault. These videos can also be used to show that you are not entirely innocent. The video can provide information if you’re going above the speed limit or being distracted by other factors and not entirely focused on driving. When this is proven, the insurance company can reduce the total reward money. 

Before installing dash cams in your dashboard, make sure that it is legally allowed to add one. Some states do not allow having something on your dashboards because they see dash cams as a possible distraction. You may be charged for not complying with the law by installing one and not following the law.

Under California law, drivers can use a dashcam recording device in private vehicles. California laws require installation in very precise sections of the vehicle’s windshield in order to lessen obstruction. Insurance companies have accept pictures taken from cell phones. Now, they are also collecting videos from dashcams to get an insurance settlement when proven that the other party is at fault.

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