Monthly Archives: April 2018

“Peer Advisor Amato”

I had drafted a post two weeks ago titled “Shoot your Shot.” The theme of the post was no matter if you doubt yourself as a candidate or even on a deeper personal level shoot you shot and apply for positions. As confident as I always am I was nervous about applying for the job titled “Peer Advisor.” Over the summer and every break, many students like myself get jobs so that they can save money for the fall and even spring semesters. I applied knowing I needed to solidify my plans for over the summer.

I had my reservations about applying but those didn’t hold me back. I applied knowing that the work I had done over the semester to helped the Political Science Department would help me land the job.  Co-Chairing our department table at Experience Temple Day we welcomed prospective students and incoming freshman. In my mind, I thought that this experience was enough to land me the job. So I applied.