Fallen ILL? “Don’t worry Temple Cares.”

I want to continue using this platform to engage students who are nervous about coming to college. My topic this week is, “Fallen ILL? Don’t worry Temple Cares.” If you for whatever reason fall ill during your time at college, some students are going to tell you that some members of the faculty are very difficult to deal with when it comes to making up assignments. Their truth is further from my truth I just experienced. It is scary but it is only as scary as you make it.

My spring break this year had begun almost a week early. This time of year everyone should know that the flu is on the lose and very contagious.Especially in a densely populated area such as Temple.  Annually I always have gotten my flu shot thinking, “Get the shot and avoid becoming sick.” To my surprise weather, you receive the flu shot or not you are still susceptible to becoming ill. I had gone online to look for an appointment at Temple Health Services. Do not be surprised if you are unable to find an appointment for the week of your becoming ill. Many hundreds of students are experiencing the same thing and Temple Health can only handle so many students. Fortunately for myself, I was able to drive to a local urgent care be seen and get an excuse for the week. Faculty members are aware of the

It was just my luck that I had become ill the week of midterms and to my dismay, I wasn’t able to attend classes(for obvious reasons). For most students becoming ILL puts extra stress. The best way to handle any absence to immediately get in contact with your professors. The sooner they become aware of your illness the abler they are able to work with you to complete missing assignments. In the case of my absences, I had downloaded a scanner app, and I had scanned my excuse card and then forwarded it to all my professors. Within 24 hours they had contacted me back and I was able to arrange to make up my assignments.


Do not stress if you become ILL; Temple’s faculty has to and will work with you to make up your assignments!

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