Journey to become #TempleMade


I just would like to welcome everyone. I am creating this blog to share with my with incoming temple students. This is my journey to becoming #TempleMade.

My journey to becoming #templemade started with rejection. During my senior year of high school, I had fallen in love with Temple. My sister took the day off of work and had taken me into the city to go to an open house.  As soon as I walked onto it was love at first sight. Immediately after attending the open house I filled out the application and submitted it early. In my mind, if I submit the application early they would definitely see my ambition and determination to want to attend Temple. A month passes and a receive a response.

Temple had not fallen in love with me and I was immediately rejected. Like many potential college students who get rejected, I had to fall back onto my second choice, East Stroudsburg University. In my mind, me attending ESU was to establish a high college gpa, and to eventually transfer to Temple. I knew after my first semester at ESU, if I would want to pursue a Political Science degree that I would need to go to a college with a more developed and renowned program, such as Temple. The second semester arrives, and I begin sending out applications to transfer

Transfering to temple, it became evident of the many opportunities students can take advantage of. I can’t wait to have you follow along on my journey and help you with your journey to becoming #templemade!

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