A Sign That Tells You To Clean up After your Dog

What: A sign that tells you to clean up after your dog in order to maintain a beautiful environment and manners.

Where: A Street in Takadanobaba

After going through a gamut of social issues on this blog, I thought it’d be a cute to end it with a sign that has a really cute dog. Even so, the sign itself does manage to give some sort of insight into Japanese culture and society, believe it or not. For example, the dog in the sign is drawn much like an animated character rather than the silhouette of a generic dog that we see in the same kind of signs back in the states. Of course, this serves as another version of creating a mascot for a law. I assume the idea is that dog owners are more likely to pick up after their dog if dog on the sign is cute. However, unlike the signs back int the states, the sign urges that the dog owners pick up after their dog not under the threat of a 200 dollar fine (which is the standard in Philadelphia) but in order to keep the environment clean and to have manners. In a sense, rather than be motivated by a fine, the sign assumes that the people reading it will clean up after themselves because of basic decency; however, how much faith in decency do you have if you have to make a sign reminding people to be decent?

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