A Sign for Women’s Health Clinic on the Metro

What: A sign for a women’s health clinic

Where: On the Subway

The reason this image is included in this blog is primarily because it comes to me as sort of shocking. Coming from the United States, I’ve seen several advertisements that broadcast their services for women with unwanted pregnancies, or issues with conception, but they were all targeted to women from poorer areas (you’d hardly see anything like that on a bus that goes into the more affluent parts of Philadelphia, or on the Regional Rail train which travels from the suburbs and is much more expensive than the subway system). Furthermore, it came as a bit of a culture shock to me that they would discuss unwanted pregnancy in such candid terms in a culture that I’ve been taught is generally pretty ambiguous. This points me into another hypocrisy within Japanese culture. There appears to be a tension between what kind of rights a woman is allowed to have in this society, both legalistically and socially. On one hand, Japan has a serious groping problem, and women must take their husband’s last name if they get married. However, at the same time, Japan was one of the first countries in the world to legalize abortion. Thus, we must ask ourselves whether or not abortion is legal in Japan for the sake of the rights of a woman, or to protect the inheritance of a man.

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