A Sticker on the Tokyo Metro Designating a Women Only Car


What: A Sticker that says, “On weekdays, this car is “Only for Women” until 9:30 a.m., from Chuo-rinken to Hanzamon Line, when located at the last car of the trains.

Where: Tokyo Metro, Tozai line


In continuing with yesterdays theme of looking at harassment in Japan, I managed to get a shot of a sticker that detailed the car ought to be a women only car during certain times of day. This, apparently is a response to an insane amount of groping that women have had to deal with on trains in Japan. According to a survey by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, 2/3rds of women in their 20’s-30’s have reported being groped on the train. No legislation has been passed to punish gropers, but rather they opted to segregate women. From my perspective, Tokyo Metropolitan Police and those who run the Tokyo subway lines are really missing a great opportunity to create another Kabuki Eyes campaign with anthropomorphized gropers getting sent to jail.  Why the inconsistency? Was there no scare tactic they could implement to prevent groping? Furthermore, I think it’d be important to know who exactly these gropers are demographically, to see if this is left-over sexism that will die with the older generation, or it’s something fathers teach their sons (probably not).

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