Angelo, the professional

My name is Angelo Mehmeti, a senior sport & recreation management major at Temple University, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2019. Being the son of immigrant parents and the brother to a small business owner, I have had the core values of dedication, motivation, and persistence embedded in me from an early age.
I have a passion for sports and recreation, and a strong interest in marketing and market research. Working in marketing allows for me to showcase my strongest abilities; the ability to write and be creative. Temple University has allowed me to follow my ambitions of pursuing marketing in an industry I have a passion for. Someone dear to my heart once told me, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This very notion fuels the ambitious fire that burns within me, making me an eager professional looking to break through the sports industry.

My Top 5 Skills, What I Will Bring To Your Organization

  1. Excellent writing skills
  2. Creative energy and “outside the box thinking”
  3. Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
  4. Strong interpersonal skills
  5. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • I provide new and fresh outlooks on situations, meaning I can creatively generate new ideas and critically think. These skills coupled with my excellent writing skills make me the ideal candidate to work in a marketing or market research setting, where creativity and critical-thinking are the foundations behind marketing any product or service.