My name is Angela Zeng. I am a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. Throughout my freshman year of college, I did not know what my interest were nor did I know what I wanted to pursue in life. So, I decided to finish most of my GenEds and take some electives to give myself more time to explore different fields. As a result, I came across a class called Adapted sports which opened up my eye to the field of therapeutic recreation. Through Adapted sports, I was able to go out and volunteered in different sites like Carousel House and Overbrook School for the Blind Gym. At Carousel house, I volunteered in music class, dance fit and basketball where older adults with different impairments can be themselves and to dance and have fun with no judgements. At Overbrook School for the Blind Gym, I volunteered in a sport called Goal ball. There, I assisted coach Sandy to play the sport with the kids who had a vision impairment. Although the kids had a vision impairment, it did not stop them from playing the sport which required them to use their body to stop the ball. Through these volunteering experiences, I decided to major in therapeutic recreation because it really sparked my interest in helping others with an impairment to be themselves and to make the most out of what they are able to.

Professionally, I would like to work with adolescents with physical impairments and mental disorder. Through therapeutic recreation, I believe it will definitely help and encourage these individuals to perform tasks in their daily lives. Similar to the kids with a vision impairment at Overbrook School for the Blind Gym, their impairment did stop them from participating in the sport. Moreover, they were encouraged to play the sport and to believe in their own ability to perform the required tasks. Through therapeutic creation, it can help individuals to have self esteem and to be hopefully. Thus, I would like to work in an outpatient adolescent treatment settings that utilize sports and adventure therapy.

From volunteering in Carousel House and Overbrook Gym, I have some experience in activities within those sites. Also, I am currently volunteering in YCCA (Young Children’s Center for the Arts) with the population in pediatric. There, I interact with young children and help them with their art activities during recreational therapy sections. Thus, I have experience in working with young children and adolescence as well. In order to achieve my professional goals, I plan to volunteer over the summer to get more experience in working with young children and adolescence and hopefully perform my own recreational therapy section with them as well.