Current Research Projects

The Andrade Lab is inspired by nature’s unrivaled capacity to produce myriad, complex chemical structures that possess unique biological activities. We develop novel synthetic methodology to efficiently synthesize these complex natural products, interrogate their molecular mechanism of action in biological systems, and apply our findings to develop therapeutics.

Current projects within the Andrade Lab include:

(1) Semi-Synthesis of Bioactive Complex Bis-Indole Alkaloids

     a) Semi-Synthesis of (-)-Conophylline through Enzymatic Biotransformation               and Chemical Synthesis

     b) Synthesis of Oxidized Mono-Indole Alkaloid (-)-Tabersonine Derivatives for             Biological Evaluation

     c) Access to Indole Regiocontrol through Silane-Directed Iridium-Catalyzed               Borylation Methodology


(2) Novel Methodology of N-Sulfinylimine and N-Sulfinyl Metallodienamines (NSMD) Chemistry

     a) NSMD-Domino Michael/Mannich and N-Sulfinylimine Diels-Alder Reaction

     b) NSMD-Vinylogous Aldol and NSMD-Hydroxylation Reaction

     c) NSMD-Single Electron Oxidation Reaction to Yield (-)-Tabersonine


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