Hello, I am Abigail Miller and welcome to my portfolio!

I am currently a third year undergrad student at Temple University, majoring in Recreational Therapy. I made the decision to pursue Recreational Therapy during my first visit to Temple University. This day I sat in on the explanation of each of the majors they offer at Temple University in the college of public health. At this time in my life, I had no idea what career path I wanted to follow. However, while they started to talk about the potential benefits recreation has on an individuals life and the career path of a  Recreational Therapist, I felt a personal connection. Personally, I have always used recreation and sports leisure to improve my life and having the ability to help others do the same would be so rewarding. At this exact time I was thinking all of this, my best friend sitting next to me leaned over and whispered, “this is perfect for you”. Since this day I knew I wanted to help individuals improve their lives through the career path off Recreation Therapy.

Professionally, I am open to working with all different age groups of individuals with any type of disabling condition. I believe that recreation plays an important role in both physical and mental health for every individual, despite their age or ability. Recreational Therapy is an important service that can be used to restore, remediate, and rehabilitate functional for any individual. Anyway I can help individuals live a better life through Recreational Therapy would be considered a dream job to me.

Enrolled in Temple University I am currently collecting the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Recreational Therapist through education and hands on learning. In my own life recreation has played an important role; through sports and leisure I have made a better life for myself. I wish to help others have a better life through the process of Recreational Therapy by creating client based treatment goals and assisting individuals to create a more healthy lifestyle. Throughout my current life I have gathered the necessary personal skills it takes to become a Recreational Therapist, however, currently I am becoming educated in pursuit to be a CTRS.  I am achieving my goals of someday being able to assist individuals through a recreation setting.