Blog Post 4

For my alternative assignment for blog post four I chose to go to the Wanamaker building.  The building is the first department store in Philadelphia, and in the country.  If I could choose one word to describe the interior of the department store that word would be grand.  The department store is massive, Its likes something you’d see out of a movie, the interior of the store really makes you feel like you’re back in 1910s/1920s.  The building was first used for multiple department stores, but today is used for some department stores and in other floors used as offices.

The store says something about American life, it shows that we have a well functioning economy by having so many stores in one place that we have money to spend on luxury items.  Not just necessities.  It truly displays a theme thats often associated with the twenties, that theme is prosperity.  The grandness of the building along with the organ add to that idea.  The architecture is what I would imagine when reading “The Great Gatsby”, and I can only imagine what it was like when the 1920’s culture was alive.

The Wanamaker building reminds me of the reading about the worlds fair.  The worlds fair was constructed to display American excellence and thats just what this building displays.  Two very important displays in the building are the organ an the German eagle.  The organ is the largest in the world.  The German eagle is the eagle form the German display at the worlds fair.  This building showed that American society was prospering, and that the American dream was a reality.