Blog Post 3, myrevolution

The revolution that I am doing are military bases in Philadelphia, since this is such a broad topic if centralized on the Schuylkill Arsenal.  The Arsenal is located in west Philadelphia, and was established by the U.S army in 1800.  The purpose of the arsenal was to supply U.S forces.  During the civil war it turned into military textile manufacture and employed more than ten-thousand.  During world war 1 the arsenal served as a quartermaster school and supply depot.  The “Schuylkill Arsenal” was renamed to the Philadelphia Quarter Master Depot in 1926 and was moved to a new location in South Philadelphia.  The original site was still used as a quartermaster school through world war 2, due to lack of space the school was relocated to fort lee, and the arsenal was used for storage.  After the end of the war, the arsenal was closed in 1957, then sold to the Philadelphia Electric Company in 1961, then demolished in 1962.

The Arsenal is famously known for providing supplies to Lewis and Clarks expedition.  President Jefferson did not wan the expedition to fail and gave the explorers full access to the arsenal and whatever supplies they needed.

The Arsenal is revolutionary in Philadelphia, because Philadelphia was a major city in the nation, and could hold, provide, and mass produce supplies for the U.S military forces,and expedition forces.  It also served as barracks for enlisted men during world war 2 and the Korean War as well as an examination center for recruits.

I was unable to visit the arsenal due to its being demolished.