Peale Museum

My visit to the Peale museum was extremely interesting.  As soon as you walk in the museum states that the museum is a museum of history, natural science, taxonomy, and patriotism.  Its rather small in size, but very interesting.   There are letters from the Peales discussing what was in the museum at the time. There are also drawings of plants and animals throughout the museum.

I think the museum served its purpose for the time being, I think it especially showed the uniqueness of America, and that it was its own.  It helped my influencing and promoting American culture by displaying what types of animals and pants were in the new country.  It helped give a sense of self indentation for the America,

The most interesting display was that of the mastadom in the back of museum.  The mastadom wasn’t inside the museum but out back, and there was a sign that said, “come see the great mastadom”.  I found this the most interesting because it was the greatest attraction at the time and the fact it was American was even bigger.  The tusks on the mastadom were also turned upsidedown so it would be appear more aggressive.

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