Blog post 1/ Statement of Purpose

My name is Nathan Petonak, I am a sophomore at Temple University, from Pittsburg, Pa.  I am currently undecided but I plan on declaring neuroscience as my major.  My intellectual interests are the world of medicine, I have always been interested in the field of medicine.  Over the summer I worked at Wills Eye Hospital on the oncology floor, there I was able to see patients in the clinic, watch surgeries, and worked on research papers.  I am currently working in a submission for a ophthalmology journal.  The most exciting part of the internships was seeing surgery from a surgeons perspective.  It was a wonderful opportunity and has given me another reason why I want to pursue a career in medicine.  I have a basic educational background, I graduated high school in 2016 and am currently an undergrad strident at Temple University.  I hope to graduate with a degree in neuroscience, then to medical school (preferably temples medical school) and hopefully go on to be a surgeon of some sorts.  Aside from medicine, the subject of history interests me, especially European history.  In high school I took an AP European History course, my favorite part of the class was the French Revolution. I also enjoy learning about ancient civilizations.  I am excited for the semester to kickoff especially after reading about how many firsts there were in Philadelphia.  Its going to be very interesting to learn about what revolutions happened in Philadelphia that had a great impact on the nation and/or the world.

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