The world in 2050 (youtube video)

I found a video on youtube called “The World in 2050”. It is a BBC documentary by Astrobum. This video talks about how the world will end up 30 years from now. It explains the good and bad things that will occur and the advancement in society. So many things from this video shocked me and it really changed my perspective on the world today. The one cool thing that I got from this video is that by 2050 every car will be able to hover and fly around which will help the environment and get rid of traffic. I recommend this video because you will learn a lot of things and make you think about certain things that you would not normally come to mind.

Python Lab

In today’s class, we got to use a coding technology. I’ve never coded before so it was quite a challenge for me. We used a program called Cloud 9 to write our codes and this program made it pretty easy to use. We did 2 exercises and the 2nd one was a lot more challenging than the first exercise. At the end of the day, I learned a lot about coding and I had really good experience with python. I highly recommend you try it.


Raspberry Pi Lab

In today’s class we got to play with the raspberry pi. It is a very interesting piece of equipment. The raspberry pi is like a mini computer and you connect to your laptop via usb and you can do cool things with it. I made lights light up in different patterns from the raspberry which was probably one of the most interesting thing I’ve seen.

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Team 1 Presentation Abstract

Our group will be presenting about music technology and its advancement in the music industry. Back in the day, people used tape recorders to record their music. Tape recorders are pretty inconvenient because it is a giant machine that used reels and it can be very difficult to use and if the reels get messed up then everything would be lost. Nowadays, we use high end technology to capture unlimited tracks and perfect your music and get the best sound quality as possible for a decent price.