I am a sophomore student studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. Recreation has been an important component in my personal life ever since my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Various recreational activities like card games, word puzzles, crafts, and jewelry-making has allowed my grandmother to express herself and alleviate the symptoms of the disease. I have become captivated with discovering new activities and experimenting their effectiveness with my grandmother. Recreation has allowed my family to bond as well as propelled my interests in therapeutic recreation. I want to use my personal experience to enhance the therapeutic recreation field and develop a professional career with my passion in mind.

Professionally, I want to orient my career towards older adults with dementia and cognitive disorders alike. I believe therapeutic recreation can improve memory function, as well as decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety that are commonly experienced along with dementia. Recreational activities can help individuals remember daily actives, recall past events and memories, and encourage healthy lifestyles and independence. Ideally, my career path includes working at a geriatric inpatient care facility utilizing problem solving activities, arts and crafts, and exercise as therapy modalities. Ultimately, I dream of conducting research on specific recreational activities that best benefit individuals with dementia.

My experience as a caregiver has allotted a foundation for developing the skills needed become a successful certified therapeutic recreation specialist. This foundation combined with my education at Temple University and volunteer experience with a variety of populations and settings will allow me to reach my professional goals. I hope to gain experience with cognitive disorders across various populations, then to eventually specialize in treatments for individuals with dementia. I also have ambitions in furthering my education past an undergraduate level and pursue a professional degree in order to tailor my special interest in therapeutic recreation.