Personal Statement


My name is Allyson Leopold and I am a student studying Therapeutic Recreation at Temple University.  Unlike many of my fellow students, I was completely unsure on what I wanted to do with my future.  I discovered Therapeutic Recreation when I wanted to explore the options provided for me at Temple because my uncertainty with my previous major, Biology.  When I realized I wanted to help people, I felt this major would help me complete what I thought, was my calling.

When I graduate, I hope to work with either Pediatrics or youth with behavioral issues and/or Developmental disabilities.  However, due to volunteer experience,  I am also considering Geriatrics and assisted living.   I want to focus on social aspects and functioning with both populations.  I find it very important to help these people achieve confidence and complete their goals to their full potential.   This is important due to the person’s emotional and mental health which I hope to improve while working with activity and leisure.

Lastly, with my  volunteer experiences and practice In Therapeutic Recreation, I hope to gain the knowledge and develop the skills as a CTRS and to connect with my clients as a friend and a support system.