Video Gamer

With Video games being one of the biggest things on our market, it’s good to know where it started, and also how it’s made. Video games are one of worlds best past times. There’s a lot that goes into gameing programes, hence the reason these games are priced the way they are.

Digital 2020

At first, I had no idea what to expect or learn from digital 2020. Nothing quite made sence to me the first couple of weeks of school. But slowly I was able to pick up the digital lingo that digital engineers use on a daily basis and it all came together. Somethings iv’e known before the class like tansmitters and signals. What professionals would call the basics. Now I know about the diffrence of Analog signals and Digital signals as well as being able to read them. Learning about how to calculate errors that are discovered in a message also how to fix them. We also were able to do things like create our own game of turtle racing. It was hard to put together but the end results were worth it. Iv’e learned a lot about how the digital world works and even though I may not use for future purposes, I won’t be out of the loop when the conversation ever arrises.