My name is Angelique Bruce and I am a junior Therapeutic Recreation major at Temple University. I started my college career as a biology major in hopes of becoming a doctor. As a biology major I felt surrounded by a constant negative energy. The professors made the curriculum incredibly hard to try and weed people out of the major. I couldn’t take being in a major that was pushing for me to fail, so I decided to switch majors. Finding a major that properly suited me was difficult. There are so many things I am interested in, teaching, psychology, people, disabilities, etc. All I knew was that I needed to be in a field where I could help people. I found Temple’s Therapeutic Recreation Major through lots of research and I fell in love. It incorporates every aspect that I am interested in into one field. My experience in this major has already been so positive and I feel like my professors actually want me to succeed.

Professionally I am hoping to work in a pediatric setting with children who have physical/mental disabilities. My one true passion in life has always been theater and music. I personally believe that through movement like dancing and by listening to music and expressing yourself through it that you can significantly improve your mental and physical self. I am currently volunteering with a group that teaches high school age students who use wheelchairs, how to ballroom dance. The movement helps them to improve their motor skills, rhythm and mental state. I am hopeful that my career will lead me down a path where I can use activities like this wheelchair dance program to significantly improve the quality of life for participants. I also had a volunteer opportunity with a CTRS in a preschool and observed how she used rec therapy during the school day to help develop the children’s fine motor skills, social skills, while also nurturing a positive and creative learning environment.

Through my education and volunteer experience in rec therapy I am learning how to communicate and encourage participants in activities and am observing firsthand the importance of leisure in a person’s life. Though I hope to work in a setting that involves dance and music as a form of recreation therapy, my experience with mental health will make me an asset as a CTRS in any mental health setting.