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I am a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. Like many students, I was unsure what career path I would take. I discovered the potential of recreation one winter when volunteering at a young adult basketball tournament. I was impressed at how team-building activities like basketball could be used to help young adults challenge themselves physically, as well as help them learn to communicate better with others. After volunteering, I knew I wanted to use recreation to help individuals improve their lives. When I found therapeutic recreation was a profession, I transferred to Temple University and declared my major.  

Professionally, I hope to work with children and young adults that have physical and intellectual disabilities. I believe therapeutic recreation can play a vital role in increasing emotional and social functioning. TR is important because it assists people of all ages and backgrounds in living well and staying well. My mission  is to help people all around the world increase their quality of life. Therapeutic Recreation is not only my major, its my passion!

With my experience in sports, both professionally on a Collegiate level and recreationally, I have the skills to deliver safe athletic programs. Through my education and my volunteer experiences in therapeutic recreation, I’m developing my skills as a therapist, particularly in learning to connect the activity to the client’s individualized treatment goals and needs. While I hope to work in sports therapy, I believe my experience will make me an asset as a CTRS in any setting.