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OIA Anti-Racism Professional Development Monthly Staff Workshops

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OIA Professional Development Conference:
Resources for Anti-Racism Education
May 10–14, 2021

The Office of International Affairs Anti-Racism Taskforce presents the first OIA Professional Development Conference. The past year has brought issues of racial justice and inequality to the forefront of our work. We formed the OIA Anti-Racism Taskforce to continue these important conversations, and lead initiatives for social equity in education and beyond. In this conference, you will hear from special guest speakers from inside and outside Temple, have the opportunity to discuss the evolving topics of U.S. and worldwide racial justice, and connect to vital anti-racism education resources for both ourselves and our students. 

Staff and faculty attendance is highly recommended, particularly at our Keynote Speaker event on Wednesday, May 12th. The taskforce has asked AVPs, Directors, and other supervisors to be as flexible  as possible with work assignments to make it possible for staff to attend.

In addition to attending the events, we encourage you to engage with us virtually throughout the week. Using Jamboard, please send us your daily insights, feedback, and thoughts here. For an overview of how to use Jamboard, watch this video.

You will receive daily reminders regarding each day’s events. Please note that panels and speaker sessions will be recorded, although discussions will not be. All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).  If you have any questions, please reach out to Leah Hetzell at

9 –10 a.m. EDT
Klein College’s Latino/a/x  Initiative with Patrick D. Murphy, PhD 🔴
Learn about the evolving success and future plans resulting from Klein College’s commitment to grow its Latinx/Hispanic student population.  By investing funds and resources, in 2017 Klein College initiated a comprehensive program focusing on recruitment, special scholarships and the development of an inclusive curriculum.  Presented by Patrick D. Murphy, PhD, associate dean for Research & Graduate Studies, Klein College of Media & Communication and David W. Brown, diversity advisor, Office of the Dean, Klein College of Media & Communication.

(30-minute presentation, 30-minute Q&A)

12–1:30 p.m. EDT
Student Panel: Reflecting on a Year of Racism & Anti-Racism 🔴
Join us as Temple students from around the world reflect on the past year since the murder of George Floyd, the resulting protests, and the increased awareness of the urgent need for social reforms.

(60-minute panel, 30-minute Q&A)

12–1 p.m. EDT
Lunchtime Dialogue: What Are You Reading? 🔴
Chat with the Anti-Racism Taskforce and other staff members to share what you are currently reading or are hoping to read this summer relating to anti-racism. While finding time for personal reading and development can be challenging (especially this year),  insights and recommendations from colleagues are a great first step. Log on to recommend your favorites or just hear from others!

6–7:30 p.m. EDT
‘Alternative Philly’ Virtual Quizzo with Beyond the Bell Tours 🔴
Join OIA staff for a evening of virtual quizzo hosted by Beyond the Bell Tours, ranked as the #1 tour company in Philadelphia. Learn about alternative histories of the city, pop culture and more in three-rounds of team-based trivia.

9–10 a.m. EDT
Theory of Intersectionality with IDEAL 🔴
Grasp a deeper understanding of the theory of intersectionality, as originally envisioned by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw.  Your improved understanding  will give you a better sense of how to navigate and honor the intersections of identity in your work and in your life. Presented by Valerie Dudley, director of Multicultural Education & Training for IDEAL and Nu’Rodney Prad, director of Student Engagement for IDEAL.

1–2:30 p.m. EDT
Keynote Speaker: “Silent Overcomer—Turning Trauma into Triumph” with HR expert & author Tracee Hunt 🔴
In this difficult year, many are experiencing unease from heightened forms of racial trauma. This often overlooked phenomena can carry over into the workplace and create inequality. HR expert Tracee Hunt will discuss confronting and healing from trauma, creating a shift in workplace culture, realistic self-care strategies and more.

(60-minute keynote, 30-minute Q&A)

PLUS: Watch extended follow-up conversation with Tracee

9–10:30 a.m. EDT
Bias Awareness Training, Part II with Randy Duque 🔴
(Click for slides)
Unconscious bias can harm our interactions with others, prevent authentic relations and lead to conflict. Acting Executive Director for the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) and conflict resolution expert Randy Duque will conduct this second installment of this two-part training series designed to help individuals understand the nature of bias inherent in us all; how it manifests in our behaviors; and how to respond to negative bias when it occurs on an interpersonal level.

12–1 p.m. EDT
Lunchtime Dialogue: Idioms & Their Origins with TCALC 🔴
Join TCALC for this engaging lunchtime conversation about common idioms, their problematic origins, and eliminating harmful language from our vocabulary. We encourage participants, though they are not required, to complete the included reading before the dialogue.

9–10:30 a.m. EDT
How Do You Say That?: Name Pronunciation Workshop with TCALC 🔴
Because names are an essential part of  identity, it’s important to pronounce students’ names correctly. Join TCALC to learn more about how names and identity are connected to both the international student experience and the anti-racism movement. Interactive training will provide guidance on pronouncing names in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

3–4:30 p.m. EDT
OIA Staff Reflection Session 🔴
(Click for slides)
As we close out this week of professional development, join us to reflect on what we have learned. In this hour, the Anti-Racism Taskforce will share general updates and provide space for staff to express their own feelings and experiences. Using breakout rooms, staff will also discuss priorities and needs to guide the Taskforce in strategic planning for 2021-22. We will end by talking about where we can progress from here as OIA staff, as part of the university community, and as individuals committed to an anti-racist future.

Global Dialogue: Race & Access in World Education (with MindLeaps) 🔴⚫
Broaden your global perspective on how race affects access to education globally. Hear Mindleaps trainers from North Macedonia and Rwanda, as well as international Temple students present the challenges students face in their countries.

Envisioning Racial Justice: A Special presentation by IDEAL 🔴
This training is designed to understand and address racism in its institutional and structural forms to develop a vision of equity in the place of work.

Introduction to Racism and Diversity in the U.S.