William E. Aaronson, Fox School of Business
Kim D. Allen, School of Medicine
Nancy B. Andresen, School of Medicine
Adele Aniceto, School of Medicine
Antoinette Atterbury, Internal Audit
Stephen R. Beach, Housing
Peter E. Bloomer, Facilities Management
Felicia M. Boccuti, School of Medicine
Judith L. Bristow-Johnston, Facilities Management
Harold B. Brooks, CHP: Center for Social Policy
Jeanette J. Brown, School of Medicine
Monika Burke, School of Medicine
William C. Butler, Housing
Kelly E. Butts, Measurement and Research Center
Sidney Clark, Campus Safety
Carvel Collins, School of Medicine
Doreen R. Conway, College of Education
Kevin Crawford, Campus Safety
Juan R. Cruz, Housing
Craig R. Donaghy, School of Medicine
Linda Fiore, Boyer College of Music and Dance
Velda L. Fletcher-Jones, Human Resources
Frances J. Ford, College of Science and Technology
Joan Friel, School of Medicine
Ruth A. Fulton, Temple Performing Arts Center
Gloria Gainey, Human Resources
William J. Gibson, Campus Safety
Raymond C. Gilchrist, Facilities Management
Jenine D. Gouch, Human Resources
Clayton C. Griffin, Facilities Management
Alfred D. Harris, Computer Services
Stanley Harris, Facilities Management
Andrew G. Hearn, Housing
Rodney Hill, Campus Safety
Patrice L. Howerton, Counseling Center
Cheryl C. Jackson, Office of the Graduate School
April Jenkins, School of Medicine
Mark A. Kemmerer, College of Science and Technology
Ronnie Kimble, Facilities Management
Sherrie A. King-Woods, College of Science and Technology
Elizabeth O. Krezel, School of Medicine
Joseph F. Krol, Facilities Management
Sean Leftwich, Facilities Management
Thomas G. Leonard, Housing
Kimberly L. Lockhart, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Sharon Loughran, International Services
Karen L. Mcmichael, Beasley School of Law
Mark A. Metzger, Facilities Management
Arnold I. Meyer, School of Medicine
Gregory S. Mims, Facilities Management
Agoi Ombima, Campus Safety
Evelyn Ortiz-Ulloa, School of Medicine
Hermelinda L. Ortiz, School of Medicine
King C. Paramore, Campus Safety
Bela G. Patel, School of Medicine
Donna Riggs, School of Medicine
Dara K. Rimes, Housing
Terri Sargent-Boone, Campus Recreation
Amy Schmitt, Bursar’s Office
Eric J. Schweingruber, Boyer College of Music and Dance
Carol J. Sills, School of Medicine
Marva R. Simmons-Brown, School of Podiatric Medicine
Debra J. Swartz, School of Medicine
Robert F. Taylor, Facilities Management
Gerald Travis, Facilities Management
George Vazquez, Facilities Management
John T. Vizard, Facilities Management
Heather B. Woods, Human Resources
Dolores A. Wyatt, School of Medicine
Linda M. Zeltman-West, Office of the University Registrar
Linda Zlatkin, School of Medicine

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