This year (2012) we are inducting 66 new members hired between 7/1/91 and 6/30/92.


Alice M. Abner, Graduate School

Samuel A. Alston, Facilities Management

Cynthia B. Batt, Beasley School of Law

Michael P. Boland, School of Medicine

Willie Brumfield, Facilities Management

Lynell D. Burke, Fox School of Business

Gregory Cade, Facilities Management

Edna G. Caringal, Paley Library

Iona C. Chisom, School of Medicine

George L. Clanton, Campus Safety Services

Valentina Cleary, Tyler School of Art

Gavin T. Collier, Campus Safety Services

Christopher J. Corbett, Facilities Management

Robert N. Dimeo, Human Resources

Kim A. Downing, School of Medicine

Joseph Dunleavy, Campus Safety Services

Karen R. Eisenhart, School of Medicine

Marylouise C. Esten, Beasley School of Law

Diana Estrada, Fox School of Business

Walter R. Gilliam, Housing

John W. Goodheart, HSC Library

Marjorie K. Gray, Kornberg School of Dentistry

James R. Guglielmo, HSC Library

Anna C. Harris, Duplicating

Carmen S. Harris, School of Podiatric Medicine

Delores Harvin, Undergraduate Admissions

Muriel R. Hooks, College of Science and Technology

Stanley R. Horwitz, Computer Services

Wayne Hudson, Facilities Management

Mary A. Jenkins, College of Education

Deborah A. Johnson, Facilities Management

Preston H. Johnson, Campus Safety Services

Julia E. Kershaw-St.George, College of Education

Joseph C. Leotti, Facilities Management

Joseph T. Long, Facilities Management

Anthony P. Lower, Computer Services

Leonard D. Lucas, Campus Safety Services

Charles F. Markocki, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Terry T. Mckenzie, School of Medicine

Marilyn C. Meissler, School of Medicine

Francine M. Miles, Student Financial Services

Gwendolyn Miller, College of Education

Sandra P. Moore, School of Medicine

Magdalena Nieves, School of Medicine

Geralyn M. O’Kane, Human Resources

Margaro Ortiz, Facilities Management

Balbino E. Palacio, School of Medicine

Jun Qiao, Academic Resource Center

Bonny M. Reeder, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Teresa Rios, School of Medicine

Nenita B. Rivero, School of Medicine

Leroy W. Roberts, Athletics

Tracy M. Rocks, School of Medicine

William Salsbery, School of Medicine

James Savage, Campus Safety Services

Jennifer H. Silvestri, Human Resources

Sydnora B. Simon, School of Medicine

Yolande C. Singletary, School of Medicine

Paul M. Smith, Telecommunications

Rodrigo T. Tapales, Facilities Management

Charles Washington, Housing

Diane Washington, Facilities Management

Kathy R. White, Campus Safety Services

Chester P. Wichowski, College of Education

Manuel E. Williams, Campus Safety Services

Charles Wilson, Housing

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